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Dog trainer Jean recommends a wonderful book by Author and Journalist Peter Zheutlin. His book is titled "Rescue Road". A great book about the dog whisperer who saves dogs. This is a heart warming  biography about a man and his mobile dog rescue. It is about one man's personal journey in his passion and love for dogs. His name is Greg Mahle.  He is a man from Mount Perry Ohio who brings rescue dogs from various shelters in the deep south to loving families in the northeast. With a semi-truck Greg travels with approximately 70 dogs. This is an inspiring story of love and compassion for dogs that would otherwise be homeless and abandoned.  Many of these dogs would otherwise not be saved. Peter Zheutlin's book "Rescue Road" is a wonderful testament to the dog-human relationship.   If you like a great read would like more information on the book "Rescue Road", please go to and click the links at the right of this page.

"Rescue Road"



A Story of One Man
Greg Mahle  transports 70 rescue dogs on every round trip from the deep south to the northeastern United States.

Thirty Thousand Dogs
Rescue Road has helped save over thirty thousand rescued dogs. These dogs are adopted and placed into loving homes.


A Million Miles
Greg Mahle has been on the road for over a million miles saving dogs lives.Greg's efforts have increased the awareness of the need to save and rescued dogs.

The DogWhisperer

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