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Who is in charge in your house?
Let goodpups help you take charge and  help your dog become a very goodpup!   Call Us: (480) 250-1866

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  • Identify Problem Behaviors
  • Create Behavior Resolutions
  • Teach and Implement



CALL: (480) 250 - 1866

  • Initial Consultation and  Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Final Evaluation

Eight Week Course

Throughout Litchfield County, goodpupsoffers  a comprehensive eight week curriculum. Important features are an initial evaluation in your pet's home environment and one at the end of the program. Instruction is comprehensive. At goodpups, dog trainer Jean offers a personalized one on one private dog training with both you and your dog.

Our comprehensive course at goodpups offers you and your dog the building blocks to a well mannered and well behaved dog.  We offer personalized dog training classes at your home. With goodpups expertise and  the completion of your dog's weekly homework, your dog is on the way to becoming a well adjusted and happy goodpup!

Aside from goodpups eight week course, we also offer instruction for you and your dog's specific needs. Does your dog bolt out the door, take control of the house,  pulls on the leash or is just plain stubborn in following your commands? Whatever it may be, give us a call! Interested in having your dog become an official goodpupCall Us: (480) 250-1866

Private DogTraining

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